Oranges and Sunshine

Music From The Motion Picture

The Official Soundtrack Album to "Oranges & Sunshine" by Lisa Gerrard, with additional music by Marcello De Francisci.

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01 Margaret Arrives
02 Please Don't Take Her
03 A Haunting Photo
04 Could Be Just Coincidence
05 We Can Trace Her Journey
06 Off To Melbourne
07 An Emptiness In Me
08 It's Been In The Papers
09 A Proper Christmas Dinner
10 Christmas Is Cancelled
11 Jack Arrives
12 What Was She Like?
13 Cleaning Out The Rubbish At Bindoon
14 The Monster Living In Your Head
15 In Loving Memory
16 They Just Want To Know
17 Have That Or My Loyalty
18 I'll Rip You Apart
19 You Needed Me Here
20 I Can't Breathe
21 Together Mother & Daughter
22 Journey To Bindoon
23 Who Was Crucified?
24 Have I Frightened You?
25 Let The Rest Go